Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More

Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More

Paul Shenar was a famous American actor and director. He was well-known for playing the bad rat Jenner in the animated movie “The Secret of NIMH.” Paul had a successful career in film and theatre, captivating audiences with his powerful performances. He was born in 1936 and started his acting journey in the 1960s.

Over the years, he appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and Broadway plays, showcasing his incredible talent and versatility as an actor. Despite his fame and success, Paul lived a private life, and little is known about his relationships.

Quick Bio

Name Paul Shenar
Age 53 years old
DOB February 12, 1936
Net Worth $11 million
Profession  Acting
Nationality United States
Wife Jeremy Brett

Who is Paul Shenar?

Paul Shenar was a famous person who acted in movies and directed plays. He was born on February 12, 1936, in a place called Milwaukee, which is in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. Many people remember him because he was the voice of a bad rat named Jenner in a cartoon movie called “The Secret of NIMH.”

This movie was made by a man named Don Bluth. Paul Shenar did a lot of work in acting. He was in many movies, TV shows, and plays on Broadway. Broadway is a famous street in New York City where there are a lot of theatres.

People liked watching him act because he was very good at it. He started acting in the 1960s, which was a long time ago. He was good at playing different kinds of characters.

Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More

Early Life of Paul Shenar

Paul Shenar was born in a big city called Milwaukee in, Wisconsin. He came into this world on February 12, 1936. Paul grew up in a family that was just like any other. From a very young age, Paul had a big love for acting. He liked to pretend to be different people and enjoyed putting on shows.

This love for acting made him want to learn more about it. So, as he got older, he decided to go to school to become better at acting. He went to a special school to learn about theatre. This school helped him learn how to act on stage and in movies. Paul worked hard to learn everything he could about acting. He wanted to be the best actor he could be. His early life was all about preparing for his future as an actor.

He knew he wanted to be on stage and in movies, making people feel happy, sad, excited, or scared with his acting. This dream started to come true when he began acting in the 1960s. Paul Shenar’s early life was the first step to becoming a famous actor.


Paul Shenar started working in theatre when he was still young. He was part of plays at a place called Milwaukee Playhouse. People began to notice him because he was good at acting. In the late 1950s, he was in TV movies where he played famous people.

He worked as Orson Welles in a film called “The Night That Panicked America.” Orson Welles was well-known for making a radio show that scared many people because they thought it was real. Paul also played Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., in “Ziegfeld.” Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. was known for making big, fancy shows with lots of music and dancing.

By playing these big parts, Paul showed everyone how talented he was. This helped him get more roles in movies, TV shows, and on Broadway. Acting in these roles made Paul very well-known and helped him have a successful career in acting.

Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More

Paul Shenar Age

 Paul Shenar lived a life full of acting and making stories come to life. Sadly, his journey ended too soon. On October 11, 1989, Paul left us. He was in his home in West Hollywood, California. He was only 53 years old. Even though he is no longer with us, the movies and shows he was in still let us see how talented he was.

People still watch his movies and remember the characters he brought to life. His voice and the way he acted continue to inspire many people. Paul’s film, TV, and theatre work made a big mark on acting. He showed what it means to be a great actor.

Paul Shenar Wife

Paul Shenar did not have a wife because he liked men instead of women. He was gay. This means that he had boyfriends instead of a girlfriend or a wife. In the 1970s, Paul Shenar was in love with another actor. This actor was from Britain, and his name was Jeremy Brett. Paul and Jeremy cared about each other a lot.

They started their relationship in 1973. During that time, they shared many happy moments. People remember them as being very close to each other. Relationships can be very important in a person’s life, and Paul Shenar and Jeremy Brett had a special connection when they were together.

Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More
DREAM LOVER, Paul Shenar, Kristy McNichol, 1986, (c)MGM

Paul Shenar’s Most Iconic Roles and Performances

One of Paul Shenar’s biggest roles was being the voice of Jenner, the mean rat, in a cartoon called “The Secret of NIMH.” Many people liked this movie because Paul’s voice made Jenner feel real and scary. Besides this, Paul also acted in a big movie called “Scarface.”

In “Scarface,” he played a very important character named Alejandro Sosa. Alejandro Sosa was a powerful man who did many bad things, and Paul made this character very memorable. People still talk about how well Paul played this role. Paul was also in a show called “Rawhide”, where he showed his talent on TV. He did not just act in movies and TV; Paul was in plays, too.

He was part of a very famous play called “Dracula,” where he played Dracula himself. Dracula showed that he could make people feel scared just by acting on stage. These roles show how good Paul was at acting and how he could play very different kinds of people, from scary rats in cartoons to big bosses in movies.

Paul Shenar Death Cause

In 1983, Paul Shenar got very sick with a disease called AIDS. This is a very serious illness that makes it hard for your body to fight off other sicknesses. Sadly, because of this disease, Paul Shenar died on October 11, 1989. He was only 53, so he was still pretty young.

After he passed away, his body was turned into ashes. These ashes were then given to Thomas Wiley, who was in charge of taking care of things for Paul after he was gone.

Paul Shenar Net Worth

When Paul Shenar worked as an actor, he made a lot of money because he was very good at what he did. He acted in movies, TV shows, and on Broadway, which are all ways that actors can earn money. People believed he had saved up about $11 million by the time he stopped working.

This is a lot of money! It shows us that Paul was talented and successful in his career. Having this much money meant he could care for himself and the things he needed. It’s impressive, especially since acting can be a tough job where only some make a lot of money. But Paul Shenar did well for himself.

Paul Shenar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wife & More

Paul Shenar Height & Weight

Paul Shenar was of average height and weight. He stood at 5 feet 6 inches tall. This means he was not too tall and not too short. For his weight, he was 65 kilograms. This is how much his body weighed. Knowing someone’s height and weight gives us a little idea about how they might look, but it’s important to remember that what made Paul special was his acting talent, not just how tall he was or how much he weighed.

People admired him for the characters he brought to life on screen and stage, not for his physical measurements.

Paul Shenar Education

Paul Shenar liked learning, especially about acting. He went to a school called the University of Wisconsin. This school is a big place where people learn about many things. After he finished school there, Paul decided to move to a city called New York City.

New York City is a big place with many buildings and theatres. It’s famous for being a place where many actors want to go. When Paul got to New York City, he started to get roles, which means people chose him to be a character in plays. Plays are like movies, but they happen on a stage in front of people.

Getting roles in plays was a big deal for Paul because it meant he could do what he loved: acting. This was just the beginning of his journey in acting. Moving to New York City and getting those roles were important steps for him. It helped him become the actor he dreamed of being.

Social Media Presence

Paul Shenar lived when the internet and social media were not around like today. He needed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok accounts to share pictures, thoughts, or videos with fans. Today, many actors use social media to talk to people who like watching them in movies or on TV.

They post about what they are doing or where they are going. But for Paul Shenar, fans couldn’t follow him online or see updates about his life and work on a phone or computer. Instead, people learned about him through movies, TV shows, and interviews in magazines or on the radio. Even though Paul didn’t have social media, many people still remember him and talk about his acting on the internet today.


Paul Shenar had many hobbies that he enjoyed in his free time. These hobbies helped him relax and have fun when he was not acting. Here are some of Paul’s hobbies: –

Reading: Paul loved to read books. Reading helped him learn new things and imagine different worlds. 

Traveling: He enjoyed visiting new places and learning about different cultures. Travelling gave him new experiences. 

Painting: Paul liked to paint. This hobby allowed him to be creative and express his feelings through art. 

Gardening: He found joy in gardening. Watching plants grow made him happy. –

Cooking: Paul enjoyed cooking meals. He liked trying new recipes and tasting different foods. 

Listening to Music: He loved listening to music. Music helped him relax and sometimes even inspired him for his roles.

These hobbies show that Paul Shenar was not only a talented actor but also a person who enjoyed various activities in his life.


What did Paul Shenar do?

Paul Shenar was an actor. He played in movies and TV shows and was on stage in plays.

Was Paul Shenar married?

No, Paul Shenar was not married. He liked men and had a boyfriend instead.

What is Paul Shenar famous for?

He is famous for being the voice of Jenner in “The Secret of NIMH” and playing Alejandro Sosa in “Scarface.” 

How old was Paul Shenar when he passed away?

Paul Shenar was 53 years old when he died.

What was the cause of Paul Shenar’s death?

He died because of a disease called AIDS.

How tall was Paul Shenar?

He was 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Did Paul Shenar go to school for acting?

Yes, Paul Shenar went to the University of Wisconsin and then moved to New York City to pursue acting.

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Paul Shenar was a very talented actor who did many cool things. He played different roles, from a scary rat in a cartoon to a big boss in a movie. People liked watching him because he was so good at making characters feel real. Even though he left us too soon, his work still helps us see how great an actor he was.

Paul’s life shows us that following your dreams and working hard can lead to success. He loved acting so much and became very successful at it. People will remember him for the amazing roles he played and the stories he helped tell on the screen and the stage. Paul Shenar’s life was full of acting, learning, and inspiring others.

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