Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Lolly Lips is a well-known actress and model from Russia. Her real name is Nastya Solodkova, and she also knows her. At a young age, Lolly Lips gained popularity in the entertainment industry through her exceptional talent and captivating beauty.

Her hard work and dedication have made her a household name in her home country and gain a significant following worldwide. Lolly Lips continues to impress her fans with her performances and modeling projects, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Quick Info

Name Lolly Lips
Date of Birth 10 October 2000
Age 24 Years
Birth Place Moscow, Russian Federation
Home Town Moscow, Russian Federation
Net Worth $121,000

Who is Lolly Lips?

Lolly Lips is a famous actress and model from Russia. Her real name is Nastya Solodkova, and she was born on October 11, 2000, in Moscow, Russian Federation. Lolly Lips has become very popular for her work in movies and modeling. People worldwide know who she is because she does a great job in her acting and looks very beautiful.

She started her career when she was quite young and quickly got a lot of fans. Lolly Lips works hard in what she does and loves to share her talents with everyone. She is known for being very good at her job and ensuring people enjoy her work. People look up to her because she shows you can achieve your dreams with hard work.

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Early Life

Lolly Lips, or Nastya Solodkova as her real name is, was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. From a very young age, she showed a big interest in acting and modeling. Her family noticed her love for being in front of the camera.

As a child, she often performed for her family and friends. Lolly also did very well in her school studies. Her teachers and classmates always knew she would become famous one day because of her talent and hard work.

Growing up, Lolly worked hard to make her dreams come true. She joined acting and modeling classes to improve her skills. This helped her a lot in starting her career.

Lolly Lips Age

Lolly Lips was born on October 10 in the year 2000. This makes her 24 years old as we head into 2024. She started her life in Moscow, which is a big city in the country of Russia. From being a little girl to becoming a grown-up, Lolly Lips has seen many years go by.

Each year, she got more into acting and modeling. As a 24-year-old, she has already done a lot in her career. Time flies, and it’s interesting to see how much she has grown, not just in age but also in her career and skills.

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Lolly Lips Career

Lolly Lips began her journey in acting and modeling when she was just a young girl. She loved both, always dreaming of being in front of the camera and shining as a star. She didn’t wait long to chase her dreams.

Soon, she started to appear in movies and work as a model. Her career took off because she was so passionate and worked hard. People liked her a lot in her movies and photoshoots. This made her very popular not just in Russia but worldwide.

Her talent and beauty caught the eyes of many, and she quickly became a favorite of many fans. Lolly Lips loves what she does, and it shows in her work. Every movie she acts in and every model shoot she does is a step forward in her career. She keeps getting better and showing everyone how talented she is.

Lolly Lips Height & Physical Attributes

Lolly Lips stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, about 161 cm tall. She weighs around 104 pounds or 47 kilograms. Her waist is 25 inches (64 cm), and her hips are 35 inches (89 cm). Lolly has beautiful brown hair that matches her brown eyes, adding to her stunning appearance.

Her physical features are part of what makes her stand out in the modeling and acting world. Lolly’s unique measurements and striking look have captivated fans and professionals’ attention. Her dedication to maintaining her fitness allows her to take on various roles and modeling projects, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Lolly Lips Net Worth

Lolly Lips has made much money as an actress and model. As of 2024, it’s estimated that she has a net worth of $121,000. This money comes from the movies she acts in and her modeling work. Lolly Lips works very hard and loves her job.

This passion helps her to be great at what she does. Because she is so good, she gets paid well for her work. The amount of money she has shown that she is successful in her career. She continues to work on new projects, which could mean she will make even more money.

Lolly Lips Education

Lolly Lips went to a university in Russia. After she finished her studies there, she decided to follow her dream. She loved acting and modeling since she was a kid. So, she chose to do that as her job. Lolly always knew she wanted to be in front of the camera.

School was important, but she knew her heart was with acting and modeling. After getting her degree, she worked hard to improve at what she loves. She took classes to learn more about being a great actress and model. This helped her get ready for her career. Now, she does what she loves every day.

Lolly Lips Boyfriend

She is in a relationship, but she keeps it very private. She has not shared who her boyfriend is with the public. Lolly likes to keep some parts of her life just for herself, away from cameras and the spotlight. This means that even though many people are curious about who she is dating, she chooses not to tell.

It’s important for everyone, even famous people, to have some privacy. Lolly shows that it’s okay to share what you want and keep some things just for you and those close to you. She is happy in her relationship, and that’s what matters most.

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More

Lolly Lips’s Family

Lolly Lips, known as Nastya Solodkova, comes from a loving family in Moscow, Russia. Her family has always supported her dreams of being in front of the camera. Her family saw her passion for acting and modeling from when she was a very young girl.

They would watch her perform and always encourage her to follow her dreams. Her parents ensured she could attend classes to improve her skills in acting and modeling. They believed in her talent and worked hard to help her succeed.

We don’t know much about her family, like if she has brothers or sisters, because she likes to keep some of her life private. But her family’s support has played a big part in helping her become the star she is today. They are very proud of everything she has accomplished.

Lolly Lips Ethnicity

Lolly Lips comes from a place called Russia. This country is a part of the world where many different kinds of people live. But her roots are a bit different. Lolly Lips is Asian. This means her family’s history goes back to countries in Asia. Asia is a big place with many countries. It’s known for its rich cultures, languages, and traditions. People from Asia have special stories, foods, and ways of celebrating life.

Being Asian is a part of who Lolly Lips is. It’s like a piece of her story that makes her unique. Like everyone else, where she comes from is a big part of her identity. It shapes how she sees the world and even the beauty she brings into acting and modeling.

Social Media Presence

Lolly Lips is active on social media. She shares a lot of her life and works with people who like to follow her. On her social media page, she has posted 141 times. This shows she likes to keep her fans updated about what she’s doing. Lolly Lips has many people following her, 21.9K to be exact.

But she follows a smaller number, just 60 people. This could be her friends, family, or other pages she likes. Lolly uses social media to share pictures of her acting, modeling, and personal moments. It’s a way for her fans to see what she’s up to and for her to connect with them. Even though she likes to keep some things private, she still shares enough to keep everyone interested in her life and work.


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Lolly Lips has mostly avoided big problems or disagreements that often happen with famous people. She works hard to ensure her image is good and avoids getting involved in things that could cause trouble.

Even though being in the public eye can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or rumors, Lolly Lips tries her best to stay clear of such situations. She focuses on her work and being a positive role model for her fans. Keeping her private life to herself also helps avoid controversies from sharing too much information.

By staying dedicated to her career and keeping a good relationship with her fans, Lolly Lips maintains a respectful and controversy-free image in the entertainment world.

Future Projects and Ambitions

Lolly Lips has big dreams for her future. She wants to act in more movies and participate in bigger modeling shows. Lolly is always looking for new ways to show her talent. She hopes to work with famous actors and models from different places.

Lolly also wants to travel to new countries to get acting and modeling jobs. This way, she can meet her fans from all around the globe. She dreams of starting her fashion line one day, where she can design clothes she loves.

Lolly also thinks about helping young people who want to become actors or models. She believes in following your dreams and working hard. Lolly Lips is excited about the future and can’t wait to share more of her work with everyone.

Lolly Lips Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More


Lolly Lips has many interests outside of her professional career. Here are some of her favorite hobbies: 

Drawing and Painting: Lolly loves to express her creativity through art. She often draws and paints, which helps her relax and bring her ideas to life. 

Traveling: Exploring new places is another hobby of hers. She enjoys learning about different cultures and experiencing the beauty of new landscapes. 

Reading: Lolly is an avid reader. She likes to read novels and books about fashion and acting, inspiring her career. 

Dancing: Dancing is a fun way for Lolly to stay active. She enjoys different dance styles and sometimes incorporates them into her modeling work. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and cooking delicious meals is something Lolly loves. It’s a way for her to share her love with friends and family. 

Photography: Capturing moments through a camera lens is a hobby Lolly is passionate about. She enjoys taking photos during her travels and of the natural world.


What is Lolly Lips’ real name?

Her real name is Nastya Solodkova.

How old is Lolly Lips?

As of 2024, she is 24 years old.

Where is Lolly Lips from?

She was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia.

What does Lolly Lips do?

Lolly Lips is an actress and model.

How tall is Lolly Lips?

She stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall.

What is Lolly Lips’ net worth?

Her estimated net worth is $121,000 as of 2024.

Does Lolly Lips have any plans for her career?

She wants to act in more movies, participate in bigger modeling shows, and maybe start her fashion line one day.

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In summary, Lolly Lips, also known as Nastya Solodkova, is a shining star from Russia who has shown the world her amazing acting and modeling skills. Born in Moscow in 2000, she grew up loving the spotlight and worked hard to make her dreams come true.

Now, at 24 years old, she’s known in her home country and worldwide. With a height of 5 feet 3 inches and beautiful features, she’s a favorite in the entertainment industry. Lolly has also done well for herself financially, with a net worth of $121,000, thanks to her successful career.

She values education and has always followed her heart toward her passion for acting and modeling. While we don’t know much about her personal life, Lolly is focused on her career and has big plans for the future. She’s dreaming big, from wanting to act in more movies to starting her fashion line. Lolly Lips inspires us, showing us you can achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication.

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