Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

Bryan Cranston is a famous American actor, producer, and director. You may have seen him as Walter White in the popular TV show Breaking Bad. He has been entertaining us with his incredible acting skills for many years.

From TV shows to movies, Bryan has proved his acting versatility. His talent and hard work have earned him numerous awards and accolades. Let’s look at Bryan Cranston’s life, career, and achievements.

Quick Info

Name Bryan Cranston 
Age  68 years old
DOB March 7, 1956
Net Worth $40 million
Profession Actor, producer, and director
Nationality American
Wife Mickey Middleton

Who is Bryan Cranston?

Bryan Lee Cranston is a talented man from California, born on March 7, 1956. He is well-known for being an actor, but he also directs and produces movies and TV shows. People worldwide love him for his notable roles in television and films.

He became famous for playing Walter White, a character in a TV show called “Breaking Bad.” Bryan has shown he can play many different roles, and many admire his work.

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

Early Life 

Bryan Cranston was born in Hollywood, California, but didn’t start famous. Growing up, his family faced tough times. His dad was an actor, too, but jobs were hard to find. This made money tight at home.

Despite these challenges, Bryan found a love for acting in school. He enjoyed performing in plays and learning about the world of acting. This early passion set the stage for his future success.

Bryan Cranston Age

Bryan Cranston was born on a sunny day in California on March 7, 1956. This means he has celebrated his birthday many times and has a lot of candles on his cake! If you do the math from the year he was born until now, you can figure out how old he is.

Bryan has spent many years learning to act, making shows, and being in movies. He gets to blow out more candles each year, and he has been doing this for a long time.

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

Bryan Cranston Career

Bryan Cranston started acting in small theatres, where people came to watch plays. He first performed at a place called the Granada Theater, which is in a part of California known as the San Fernando Valley.

He became famous for playing a funny dad named Hal in a TV show called “Malcolm in the Middle.” This show was on TV from the year 2000 until 2006. People loved him in this role, and it helped him get more parts in other shows and movies.

Bryan Cranston Education

Bryan Cranston went to school just like you. When he was younger, he found out he liked acting. But did you know he also liked science? His high school yearbook even said he was good at chemistry! After high school, he didn’t stop learning. He went to a college called Los Angeles Valley College.

There, he studied something very different from acting. He knew about police science and got a degree in it in 1976. That means he studied hard and passed many tests about keeping people safe.

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

Bryan Cranston Net Worth

Bryan Cranston’s success in the entertainment industry has translated into significant financial rewards. As of 2024, his net worth is around $40 million. This wealth stems from his varied roles in television, film, and stage, including his iconic portrayal of Walter White in “Breaking Bad.”

In addition to acting, his work as a director and producer has also contributed to his substantial net worth, reflecting his diverse talents and the high demand for his contributions in Hollywood.

Bryan Cranston Wife

Bryan  has been married twice. His first wife was Mickey Middleton. They married long ago, but it didn’t last forever. After some time, they decided to go their separate ways. Then, Bryan met Robin Dearden. They met while working on a TV show together.

Robin and Bryan liked each other a lot and got married in 1989. They have been together ever since. Bryan and Robin have one daughter. They seem very happy together and enjoy their life as a family.

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More

The “Malcolm in the Middle” Era

From 2000 to 2006, Bryan Cranston played a super funny character named Hal in the TV show “Malcolm in the Middle.” In this show, Hal is the dad of a wild and wacky family. People everywhere laughed and enjoyed watching Hal’s silly ways.

This show made Bryan Cranston very popular. It was a big part of his acting journey, showing everyone how good he was at making people laugh. Being in this show helped him get even more roles where he could show off his acting skills.

Bryan Cranston Children

Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden have a daughter named Taylor Dearden Cranston. She is very special to them. Taylor has grown up to be like her dad, loving acting.

Bryan’s family has actors returning to his parents, showing that they all enjoy acting. Taylor is part of a big family of actors and keeps making her parents proud by following in their footsteps.

Social Medi Presence

Bryan Cranston likes to share parts of his life on the internet. He has a social media page where lots of people follow him. Right now, he has 5 million people who watch what he posts. Bryan only follows 47 people back, but he has shared 378 times.

He lets fans see what he’s up to, like acting in movies or having fun. It’s a way for him to say hi to his fans without meeting them in person.


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Bryan Cranston is a well-liked actor, and most people think he’s nice. Sometimes, famous people get talked about in ways that are not so good. But Bryan tries his best to stay away from trouble.

He works hard at being kind and fair in everything he does. There isn’t much bad stuff to say about him because he focuses on doing his job well and helping others when he can.


Playing BaseballBaseball: Bryan loves playing BaseballBaseball when he’s not acting. 

Collecting Baseball Cards: He also enjoys collecting baseball players’ cards.

Riding Motorcycles: Bryan likes to ride motorcycles for fun. 

Cooking: He enjoys cooking tasty meals. 

Traveling: Bryan loves to visit new places and learn about different cultures.

Watching Movies: He likes watching movies like us!

Bryan Cranston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Wife & More


How old is Bryan Cranston?

Bryan Cranston was born in 1956, so you can figure out his age by subtracting that year from the current year.

Did Bryan Cranston always want to be an actor?

Yes, Bryan found a love for acting in school when he was young. He enjoyed being in plays and learning about acting.

What was Bryan Cranston’s first big TV show?

His first big TV show was “Malcolm in the Middle” where he played the role of Hal, the dad in the family.

Who is Bryan Cranston married to?

Bryan Cranston is married to Robin Dearden. They met on a TV show and got married in 1989.

Does Bryan Cranston have children?

Yes, Bryan and Robin have a daughter named Taylor Dearden Cranston, who also loves acting.

What did Bryan study in college?

Bryan studied police science in college and got a degree in it in 1976 before he became a famous actor.

Has Bryan Cranston won any awards?

While this section doesn’t list specific awards, Cranston has won numerous awards for his acting, especially for his role in “Breaking Bad.”

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Bryan Cranston is a very talented actor who has done much fantastic work. From playing a funny dad to being a severe character like Walter White, he shows how good he is at acting. He has worked hard in school, on TV, and in movies to become the star he is today.

Bryan has a lovely family and has been in many shows that people love. He has also won awards for his acting.  Cranston has shown that you can achieve great things with talent and hard work.

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